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Your stories matter.

As they say, the only sure thing is the passing of time. As parents, we see it every time we get a reminder of a photo we shared online a few years ago. I’m always blown away by the change that has occurred in my family. If I didn’t get the reminder, I may continue on at my usual pace, not pausing long enough to witness it. That pause helps me appreciate the present moment all the more.

Documentary family photography is about telling stories. We all have stories to tell. Saturday morning routines. Teaching our kids to ride a bike. Soccer practice on Tuesday nights. These moments may not feel special at the time, but our day-to-day activities and relationships tell a thousand stories about us, and they are worth documenting. So much of parenting is the often invisible behind-the-scenes work that allows meaningful experiences to happen. Documenting these experiences helps honor that effort and will help your children see all of the many ways you loved them over the years.

When my son has grown, and my grandchildren ask him what his childhood was like, I want him to have albums of photo stories full of details that will help him remember what these days were like. I want the same for you.

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A Slice of Life


Do you have an exciting "first" or family milestone approaching? This is the perfect way to capture it. Let me document the experience for you as you live the moment. Families love this package for chronicling favorite neighborhood adventures, vacations, holiday traditions, special family gatherings...this package is for any experience you want to relive down the road.

3 hours of documentary photographic coverage with a family portrait if desired at the end. Includes a full set of professionally edited high resolution images and a complimentary album to share and preserve your photos.

Add additional hours at $500/hour

Brother and sister carrying food to a horse in a stable during a family photo shoot in Seattle

Imagine having your own personal professional photographer to capture your favorite moments over the course of a year?

This package encapsulates the firsts, lasts, and all the moments in between that together represent the essence of your family at this time in life. Capture nuances such as the changing of seasons, as well as the toys, clothing, and mannerisms you think you'll never forget but that fade with time. Families have found this package particularly well suited for documenting newborns growing through to their first birthday, but every family has their unique annual collection of moments that are worth celebrating and documenting.

At the end of every session consider doing a "growth portrait" that, when viewed together, highlight the change in your child over the course of the year.

2 hours of photography every 2 months of the year for a total of 6 sessions. Includes all professionally edited high resolution images, a framed print for your gallery wall, and a complimentary album at the end of the year.

A Year in the Life


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After your shoot

Day of your shoot

Before your shoot

Four weeks after your shoot, you'll receive your online gallery. You will have a month to order any prints and photo products from my online store. Products include digital files, prints, albums, and wall art.

This is the fun part! The only thing you need to do is be yourself and live your life. I'll be the proverbial fly-on-the-wall (with a camera) capturing your experience.

Fill out my contact form, and I will be in touch to discuss the details of your shoot. Your shoot is reserved when I receive your first session payment and signed contract. I will also send a questionnaire to help me get to know your family.

Kind Words

We just did our routine for viewing the photos (love that we have a routine for these) and yet again... You absolutely blew us away. The ability you have to capture the love we have, but also the humor, and the little expressions on our sweet baby's face that we just simply cannot get when it's us taking a photo. We laughed and cried (mostly me crying haha) reviewing this gallery. These are worth every freaking penny. Seeing our family professionally captured and having this little time capsule of life at this stage is pure magic.

-Almeera A.

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Photo gallery from a Slice of Life photo session held June, 2022