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Documentary-style event sessions for family gatherings, corporate events and more

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Turn Your Event or Gathering Into a Lifetime of Memories

You’ve spent weeks, perhaps even months, planning the perfect event for your company, family reunion, or friend. Don’t let the memory slip quietly into the past! My unique documentary style of photography is perfectly suited to capture the candid moments and genuine emotions that these events create. Taking the time to hire a photographer will ensure you can relive the experience in the years to come.

For information about my availability, rates, or photography style, please send me a note through my contact page. I’d love to hear more about your event!

Event Photography in Seattle For Personal or Business Events

Corporate Events and Retreats

Corporate holiday parties, company retreats, and conferences are all perfect occasions for documentary photography. I will speak with the event organizer about the activities planned during your event so that I am sure to capture the most important moments. Since documentary sessions are on the longer side, I have the time to capture the event from beginning to end, including setup, arrival of guests, key moments such as toasts and award presentations, and fun personal moments as attendees mingle and dance. If you’ve invested time and energy in bringing colleagues and business associates together, it’s only right that the memories be preserved in a way that everyone can share.

Family Reunions, Birthday Parties and More

Whether you have a family reunion or Sweet 16 birthday party on the horizon, you can make the event more special with a documentary event photographer by your side. Unlike other types of photography, you may hardly notice that I’m there as my goal is to blend into the background and artistically capture meaningful moments as they happen. Your session can capture last minute preparations such as putting up decorations, sweet moments as guests arrive, impromtu speeches and laughter during the event, and finally long hugs as people depart.

The Benefits of Hiring a Documentary-Style Event Photographer

Staged photos, photo booths, and portraits have their place, but documentary photography captures the energy and real emotions that occur during an event. When you review your photos, you may be surprised how it feels like you are experiencing the event all over again. Documentary photography asks nothing of your attendees except that they enjoy themselves and be themselves. You and your guests also don't need to worry about taking photos of the event, since I will be there doing the work for you!

Two to four weeks after your event, you will receive a personal gallery of high resolution professionally edited images.Albums are available for purchase separately.

If you have any questions about my event photography services, please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!