As a professional photographer in Seattle, I specialize in creating art that celebrates connection and authentic emotion. My photography is often documentary in nature, allowing me to capture the real moments that are part of your life's journey. My clients find my sessions to be relaxed; they always feel at ease being themselves in front of my camera.

We can book a photo session at your home, outdoors, or at another venue, and we will take the time needed to capture your family's spirit. From a shorter portrait session to documenting a full day in your family’s life, we'll celebrate your wonderfully unique and beautiful family.

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Silhouette of boy playing baseball in his garage in Seattle

My style of photography

Twin boys sitting next to each other at a desk facing away from camera in Seattle

Mother hugs her son from behind during family photo shoot at Lincoln Park in Seattle

Father and son playing on the stairs during home documentary photo session in Seattle





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Additional Information About My Photography Services

You Should Feel Comfortable With Your Photographer

My goal is to help families, individuals and friends preserve meaningful and candid moments in photographic form. But that can’t happen if you aren’t completely at ease. Whether we are doing an event together, shooting a family documentary session, or capturing family moments on the beach, I will help everybody in your group have fun and be themselves. As a career nurse practitioner, I love working with people and making them feel comfortable; that carries through to my photography sessions.

Let’s chat on the phone and get to know each other – we will know right away if we are a good fit for each other.

Photography Sessions in Seattle at Your Home Or Elsewhere

I photograph sessions for families and events in Ballard, Belltown, Pioneer Square, Downtown, Fremont, and all throughout King County. Whether you want a beautiful portrait session in Lincoln Park or further south in Tacoma, I can meet you where you feel most comfortable. I am also willing to travel further if you are unable to find a suitable photographer in your area.

I Specialize in Family-Focused Photos and Documentary Sessions

I help families with portraits, newborn family shoots, maternity photos, and even events like birthday parties and bar mitzvahs, depending on your specific needs. I do not specialize in wedding photography at this time, although I’m happy to make a referral if you need help finding a photographer.

We’ll Work Together To Make Your Photo Session a Success

Prior to the agreed-upon date and time, we’ll discuss your goals and your family. Do you want a beloved family pet to be part of the shoot? Do you have a child who is particularly shy? Are there some family activities you’d like to get in print? My goal is to help you create lasting memories, and to that end, I would be happy to include as many requests and bits of feedback as possible.

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